EPF UAN has been updated in My HR Portal

The EPF UAN is now available in HRMS. Members are request to check their UAN displayed in the pay slip and activate their UAN in the Members portal http://uanmembers.epfoservices.in/

Stand Of AIGETOA On Agitation Notice By SNEA (I)

In Joint Meeting of AIGETOA and AIBSNLEA on 22nd Aug-14 at Hyderabad, it was decided to submit joint cautionary letter to management on various pending HR issues and then launch Joint agitation if need arise. But unfortunately getting this message, SNEA (I) has declared it’s agitation program alone. It indubitable that during the referendum process management cannot take decision under agitation pressure of any stand-alone association participating in referendum process. In fact management was in the process to take decision on Standard Pay Scale, 30% Superannuation, Time Bound Functional Promotion & Uniform Period of 4 years for First Time Bound Promotion etc. this decision will be held up due to this agitation notice as management cannot take risk to give credit to any single association.

What forced SNEA (I) to serve agitation notice alone during the process of referendum is very much clear. This association doesn’t see their commitment to resolve the very basic issues in respect of direct recruits but their agitation is simply to withhold the resolution.

AIGETOA has already held long agitation of about 50 days during last one year on these issues, results of which is very much visible that every association including BSNL top management have recognized the legitimacy of our issues. Despite of the fact that SNEA (I) has served this agitation notice to sabotage the resolution of the issues, AIGETOA will extend full physical support if they really show their commitment towards resolution of the issues and they serve notice for stronger agitation then AIGETOA has already held. We are also confident that AIBSNLEA will come together along with AIGETOA to support this strong agitation program.

EPFO Retains Interest Rate at 8.75% for Current Fiscal

It has been decided to pay 8.75 per cent interest in the current fiscal in the CPFC meeting of the Central Board of Trustees (CBT), the apex decision making body of the Employees' Provident Fund Organization (EPFO).  

Circulation of Syllabus, Scheme & Minimum Marks for LDCE

BSNL CO issued circulation regarding syllabus, scheme and minimum marks for LDCE (Limited Departmental Competitive Examination) for promotion to the grade of Sub Divisional engineer (Telecom) for vacancy years 2010-2011 onwards under 33 percent quota.  

Click here for LDCE Syllabus Circulation

Allotment of UAN (Universal Account Number) by EPFO

EPFO has launched a Universal Account Number (UAN) driven Member Portal to provide a number of facilities to its members through a single window. Member has to activate his/her registration to avail various facilities such as UAN card download, member passbook download, updation of KYC information, listing all his/her member ids to UAN, file and view transfer claim. As of now, only active members, for whom employer has uploaded the Electronic Challan-cum-Return for the  wage month of Jan 2014 onwards (who have been allotted UAN) would be able to register themselves on UAN driven Member Portal. For registration, member has to obtain UAN from his/her employer alongwith member ID. Member’s mobile number would be required to activate registration.

UAN driven member portal is available at URL:

Member can check UAN allotment status in website:

User Manual UAN Functions. Click here for Manual

Letter by EPFO regarding Allotment of Universal Account Number to every contributing member registered on ECR portal and subsequent seeding of KYCs. Click here for letter

Important Work to be Performed in Time Bound Frame

  • All individual direct recruits’ executives must again fill the membership application form attached herewith and submit the same to district secretary of their area. (Payment detail of membership fee may be kept blank for existing members). 

  • Members must pay their dues if any to Circle Account for the period up to July-14 and must deposit the subscription fee for the period of Aug-14 to March-15 in advance through DD/Pay Order/Cheque/internet etc in favour of AIGETOA CHQ (Axis Bank A/c No. 007010100808101) and same must be filled in application form. District Secretaries must collect the duly field application form along with subscription fee from Aug-14 to Mar-15 from every individual of direct recruits. This work must be done before 31st July-14.

    Subscription fee must be deposited directly to AIGETOA CHQ account through DD/Pay Order/Cheque/internet etc. the account detail of AIGETOA CHQ is as under:

  • Account Name: AIGETOA (All India Graduate Engineers Telecom Officers Association)
  • AIGETOA CHQ Account No. - 007010100808101
  • BanK Name: AXIS Bank
  • IFSC CODE: UTIB0000007
  • Branch Name: Statesman House, 148, Barkhamba Road New Delhi. Pin -110001.


Message From General Secretary, AIGETOA CHQ

Dear Direct Recruits Executives of BSNL,

All of you are well aware of the mission and vision of your association i.e. AIGETOA. Still it is felt that there are some questions in the mind of general members. The foremost question amongst them is that “what are the achievements for direct recruits so far through this platform”? This question was doing the rounds in my mind also for quite some time. Let us try to find the answer for the same.

This association was formed in Nov-2005 with some visionary directs recruits amongst us with the vision and mission to represent the issues of direct recruits as our service conditions were very different from majority of the executives in various aspects. Whether and to what extent have we been successful? Just go through the facts mentioned herein and you will find your own answers.

  1. First achievement of AIGETOA was the stipend arrear of about Rs 14000 against revised IDA pay scale which all the 2001 and 2002 batch colleagues were paid. This was very meager amount as far as the volume is concerned but other association were not even aware about this issue due to lack of concern as their basic members were not benefitted out of it.
  2. Second achievement was the EPF contribution on full Basic+DA and resolution of various EPF anomalies for all direct recruits. Despite of clear order, most of the field units had restricted the EPF contribution on Rs 6500/- and that too with several anomalies. This issue had been raised by some individual direct recruits on the platform of other associations but was remain unaddressed. AIGETOA gave a platform to raise this issue collectively and finally most of the issues have been resolved. Most of the anomalies in maintaining EPF account are also resolved. This is the greatest achievement of this association else our social and future security was in danger. We are very much sure that we shall be able to resolve the remaining anomalies also with your support.
  3. Third achievement was 30% fitment to 2005 batch colleague. We do agree that there had been several efforts from other fronts also but initiation and raising the issue up to the level from where issue gets resolved was only possible due to existence of this association. If you go through the documents pertaining to the resolution of these issues, you will get the answer that AIGETOA was the root cause of getting this issue resolved.
  4. Retention of unjustified transfer in LDCE-2007 and conduction of LDCE-2014, bonus marks against wrong answers, declaration of result, overnight posting and retention of most of the candidates against unjustified transfer was only possible due to the existence of AIGETOA.
  5. About 1600 LDCE vacancies were diverted from LDCE quota to seniority quota which was restored only because of AIGETOA.
  6. Stopping of external MT till date and appearing in DGM exam to show our talent was only possible due to existence of this association. If external MT would have come, we would have lost our status of direct recruit executives.
  7. Management had made all the preparations for reverting some of our colleagues who got promoted citing court cases and judgments but it was the efforts of AIGETOA only which prevented management from doing this. There are various other achievement of AIGETOA which cannot be ignored like, execution of Rule-8 transfer, E1+5 as an interim benefits etc.
  8. 30% superannuation benefit, Pay parity, E2/E3 pay scale for JTO/SDE equivalent, CPSE cadre hierarchy, uniform time bound upgradation in four years etc. are some of the issue which we could not be achieved so far but these issues have already been raised by this association up to an extent from where achievement is the only destination. We do agree that resolution of these issues have taken time beyond our expectation but Come what way nobody can stop us before reaching to destination of resolution. We are fully committed to resolve these issues and we will leave no stone unturned for the same.
  9. The biggest achievement of AIGETOA is that it made us aware of our dues, our rights, our facilities. It was the deep study by our group which apprised each and every member about the injustices that are being met out to the Direct Recruits. It is the achievement of AIGETOA to prevent the management and other groups from making the direct recruits as sacrificial lambs. It is the achievement of AIGETOA that nobody dares to touch us. It is the achievement of AIGETOA that policies are being framed keeping DRs in mind. It is the achievement of AIGETOA that even other associations considers us as their most important assets.
  10. Last but not least, AIGETOA has given you the platform where we all qualified executives unite together and serve the nation maintaining self dignity and pride.

Some individual and other associations may propagate about their role in achieving the aforementioned resolutions. Some even go the extent of claiming that they got the issue resolved over telephone and we don’t have any problems also when people are ready to buy this agreement. We do appreciate their role and support also but just think without the existence of AIGETOA was it possible? Absolutely not ! Many efforts might have worked in getting resolution of the above mentioned issues but center of all the efforts is AIGETOA. AIGETOA doesn’t believe in highlighting the efforts as individual but the fact is that whatever happens and issues are resolved because of the collective efforts of all of us, because of support of members from ground level. If our leaders are recognized, it’s because of your support otherwise the leaders are also JTOs, SDEs etc. This is the platform where some dedicated and committed members study issues, collect the data, share among each other and finally get all the justification so that efforts starts working. This is our misfortune that we are working in company where only we belong to a different category of executives and our benefits are different from other executives belonging to management cadre else most of the issues would have never created. Resolution of some of the foremost issues get delayed despite of having all the genuineness and justification, the reason behind it, is only and only that we are not consistent and have never acted all together. Personal issues and egos of some persons have also played a part in creating hurdles on the way of achievement.

Dear direct recruit colleagues, you just decide how long we shall fight individually, in small groups, event and issue selected participation etc. when our vision and mission are same. Let us come together all at a time and give strength to your own association so that ice can be broken. It is justified to show your anger to any individual leaders of AIGETOA but it is highly unjustified to show anger with your own association. Remove the leaders who are using this association to satisfy their vested interest and personal aspiration but don’t finish this platform which is meant for your welfare.

This association while maintaining its identity, has decided to jointly fight for the issues of executives. Let us come together and show the power of unity so that we can be identified as king makers. Some of our issues are different than basic membership of AIBSNLEA but they are not contradictory, hence we have come together. If AIBSNLEA wins the forthcoming referendum process and became the largest executives association in BSNL, it will certainly give additional strength to AIGETOA.