Pension Analysis

"An Eye Opener to fight for not less than 12% Superannuation Benefit to DR Executives "

Direct recruits of BSNL, kindly open your eyes before it gets too late. Earlier committee formed to look into the issue of superannuation benefits for direct recruits has completely misguided the BSNL board by presenting wrong data. As per the old committee analysis direct recruits will get handsome pension even more than absorbed executives with 2-3% contribution towards pension scheme. Due to strong reaction of this association (For such a meager contribution against 12%), said proposal could not go through in board and handed over to new committee for addressing the concern raised by us. The new committee is analyzing the facts and quantum of pension contribution. This association has been asked to prepare comprehensive analysis of pension for direct recruit’s vis-à-vis absorbed executives to be presented before authority. This association has put long and comprehensive study on the issue, finding of which is very much shocking for all of us. Even if BSNL makes full contribution of 12% towards our pension scheme apart from EPF our retired life is not safe. See the below summery and go through the excel sheet attached herewith for detail analysis. Click here for detail analysis

Pension Comparison between Absorbed and direct recruits executives in BSNL
Category of EmployeeDate of BirthDate Of appointmentPension amount if resign/retire from the service
On March-15 (actual)        Last Drawn Basic + DA= Rs 69684/-On March-22(projected) Last Drawn Basic +DA= Rs. 215360/-On Feb-2036(Projected)Last drawn Basic + DA = Rs. 1189174/-
Direct Recruit (with EPF and without pension scheme)12th Feb 19761st Apr 2002Rs 4855 up to age of 58 and then Rs 6062 till death (Fixed Amount)Rs 20635 up to age of 58 and then Rs 22492 till death (Fixed Amount)
Fix amount of Rs 219545/- till death (Fixed Amount)
Direct Recruit (with EPF and with pension scheme @ 12% of Basic+DA)12th Feb 19761st Apr 2002Rs 10367/- up to age of 58 and then Rs 11574/-till death (Fixed Amount)Rs 41929 /- up to age of 58 and then Rs 43786 /- till death (Fixed Amount)Rs 422196/-till death (Fixed Amount)
Absorbed Executive (Government Pension)12th Feb 19761st Apr 2002Rs 34842/- (subjected to increase with DA and pay revision)Rs 107680/-(subjected to increase with DA and pay revision)Rs 594586/-(subjected to increase with DA and pay revision)

All direct recruits are requested to spare some time and go through the attached analysis. It can make you to wake up in time so that you don’t die before you actually die. This association has been fighting with your limited contribution and has been able to keep alive the issues so far but final resolution of the issues needs support and contribution of each and every direct recruits. This is not a help to this association but yourself. Every association needs financial, mental and physical support to fight with the management for the rights of their members and try to resolve the issues to the best. All DR are requested to please get together on one platform so that our fight for pay, promotion and pension can yield desirable result. If you believe that AIGETOA can do that, kindly pay your basic membership subscription as displayed below, which will not only strengthen this association financially but also give us clear picture about our unity and strength.

"Payment of Subscription fees for the period of April'2015-March'2016"

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Existing members may pay their annual subscription for 2015-16 either Rs. 1200/- one time or in two equal installments of Rs. 600/- for next 12 months i.e. up March-16. But the subscription must be paid before 30th Jun-2015. New Members will have to pay additional amount of Rs. 500/- as membership fee along with annual payments. The payment after June'15 will attract the penal interests.

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